We work with you to design our service to meet your needs, in a flexible way. This means that we are able to provide staff to support you in whatever way you require want and when you want. We value your individual ideas and feedback; always with the view to improve our services, after all the key focus of our organisation is you!

As a nursing and care agency we provide services to a variety of settings; such as Care at Home, Supported living with adults with learning disabilities, Care assistants and qualified Nurses of different bands. 

Our staff, who work out in the field are all fully trained in their individual area of work. All of our Staff have a current enhanced criminal records check.


All Harbex members acknowledge that they have a duty and an obligation to safeguard your confidential details. They will never discuss your condition, or harm you, by giving information to anyone who does not have the right to receive it.

Charge Rates

Despite our competitive prices, our commitment to provide a high quality service will never be compromised. Terms, conditions and payment methods will be discussed with clients prior to commencing any care provision.

Service Cancellation

To avoid cancellation fees, 24 hours notice would be required before cancelling or refusing any services already agreed with Harbex Nursing and Care. Harbex also reserves the right to withdraw services if it believed that a care worker is at risk of harm during the course of their work.


We hope that there will never be a cause for a complaint to be made, however, if such a situation arises, Harbex has a formal procedure which will be used to investigate the matter. You should contact our head office immediately, and ask for the office manager where your concerns will be treated with the upmost respect and sensitivity.

Equal opportunity

Harbex Nursing and Care operates an equal opportunity policy where members and clients are treated professionally regardless of race, gender, age, disabilities, sexual orientation, marital status or religion. If any person believes they are being subjected to any form of discrimination, our policy dictates that all incidents are reported, recorded and investigated accordingly.


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